Commercial Cool Roof Coatings

A Cool Roof is a light-colored, reflective commercial roofing system that quickly emits any absorbed solar heat, lowering the deck temperature and subsequent building temperature while simultaneously protecting the roof from ultra violet degradation. A Cool Roof commercial roofing system saves customers money when compared to traditional systems, last longer with lower maintenance costs, it helps reduce emissions, improve air quality, cut landfill waste and reduce the buildings carbon footprint.

A Cool Roofing System return on investment is impressive by far–-studies show reduced cooling energy demand in buildings by up to 40%, with the proper system and building modifications.

Every cool roof installed by Bentley and Sons is completely seamless for exceptional waterproofing, they have a solar reflectiveness greater than 85%, they have a class 4 severe hail rating, superior tensile strength and are applicable to almost any roofing system.  Our coating system used in conjunction with our nylon reinforcing fabric at specific detail locations is an extremely cost effective approach to restoring aging roofing systems without costly tear offs, saving our customers time, money and the benefit of reduced energy bills.

 NOTICE: All roofing systems applied by Bentley and Sons meet the requirements of reflectivity and emissivity for inclusion in the Cool Roof Ratings Council program and meet the criteria of the energy star program, EPA/DOE for energy efficiency as well Title 24 qualified.