Special Coatings

Deck Coatings

Fluid applied, high tensile strength coatings for walkways, roof-tops, equipment pads, flooring, anti-slip, containment, etc.

Wall Coating

A fluid applied elastomeric coating specially designed for masonry applications to encapsulate the pores and seal the surface area. Designed for interior or exterior, above- or below-grade masonry block walls, cinder block, brick, poured concrete, pre-stressed/precast concrete or pretreated foundations. On exterior surfaces the wall coating provides a continuous, seamless, waterproof, durable, and weather-resistant membrane.

Rust Inhibitor

Even where rust has a foothold, special anticorrosion agents in our superior primer act to inhibit further spread of the oxidation process. Safeguard metal buildings and help them last longer with this protective barrier, which inhibits rust from forming on steel surfaces, promotes adhesion and dries in as little as two to four hours.


A clear, acrylic coating used to seal fiberglass, plexiglass, skylights, and panels.  Perfect during roof restoration projects.


Reduce annual building cleaning costs due to vandalism.  Perfect for commercial buildings, Bridges, Underpasses, High traffic walkways or anywhere you don’t want to be “Decorated” with spray paint or other chemicals