Polyurea is an array of plural component polymer coatings that have been developed to meet the corrosion and abrasion resistance requirements of today. Polyurea has significant advantages over traditional coatings due to their extremely fast set nature, high elongation and high tensile strength characteristics which make them truly superb coatings for an unlimited number of industrial and commercial demands.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • No VOC’s and Little to No Odor

  • Some Systems are USDA and Potable Approved

  • Weather Tolerant: Cures at -25ºF to >300ºF even in High Humidity

  • Excellent Resistance to Thermal Shock Flexible: Bridges Cracks

  • Waterproof, Seamless and Resilient

  • Unlimited Mil Thickness in Single Application

  • Spray, Hand Mix and Caulk Grade Materials

  • Excellent Bond Strengths to Properly Prepared Substrates

  • Resistant to Various Solvents, Caustics and Mild Acids

  • Low Permeability, Excellent Sustainability

  • Extremely Versatile

How can Polyurea help you?

  • Roof Coatings

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Blast Resistance/Fragment protection

  • Pipe / Pipeline Coatings & Linings

  • Bridge Coatings

  • Joint/Crack Fill

  • Tank Coatings

  • Tank Linings

  • Marine

  • Waste Water/Pond/Decorative tank Linings

  • Rail

  • Primary/Secondary Containment

  • Water Park/Theme Park

  • Architectural

  • Truck Bed Liners