Commercial Roofing

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam is applied as a liquid using plural-component spray equipment to fill cracks and crevices. It then expands approximately 30 times its original liquid volume to form a hard, closed cell monolithic roof surface. The Polyurethane Foam sets up within seconds after applied to the roof surface. Its expansion results in a weather tight roofing membrane that is fully adhered to the substrate. It's so lightweight it can be applied over most existing roof systems without exceeding the structural load capacity, yet it's amazingly strong, easily withstanding foot traffic and other weight requirements.

With Spray Polyurethane Foam there are no mechanical fastening devices to fail, create problems and cause leaks. There are no mechanical flashing details or counter flashing to come loose and cause future problems. There are no seams or glue to let go and fail and there are no pathways to permit water intrusion. In short, sprayed in place polyurethane foam and Elastomeric coating systems eliminate all of the problems associated with conventional roofing while providing the best per inch energy efficient, high performance, long term, lightweight roofing system. No other currently available roofing systems can offer all of these advantages at the same dollar cost.

Spray polyurethane foam roofing is the only roofing system that keeps saving you money.

  • Energy efficient: lower heating and cooling costs (R 6.5-7.0 per inch).

  • Virtually leak proof; seamless; excellent adhesion; rigid; lightweight and self-flashing.

  • Avoid costly tear offs for most installations over existing asphalt, BUR and metal roofs.

  • Proven history of over 50 years of performance and durability.

  • A spray polyurethane foam roof protected with our high performance roof coatings and granules provides the ultimate protection and durability.